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We are located in the building that in the early '50s was the arrival of the first historical skilift made with a wooden structure that  connected the town of Sauze d'Oulx  to the mountain ski centre of Sportinia (the real name is "Clot Sabouiller"), area that is at 2170 metres of altitude. The building also was a hotel called "Albergo Turistico" and part of it was bought from us in the 90s, enlarged, modernized and transformed in to the     Bar-Restaurant "Rocce Nere" (The Black Rocks).

The "Black Rocks" is situated in the heart of ViaLattea ski area, witch counts 400km of  pistes and 92 skilifts, in the Sportinia area.

The family management cares particularly about  details: the cooking style, with revisited local recipes and brand new offerings,  and the restaurant area ,passing from an absolutely comfortable area within the bar ahich have a wonderful wide sighting of the valley! Where in winter skiers and snowboarders can have something hot to eat and drink...and  in summer  bikers and escursionists can have their break.

Outside the bar you can enjoy our balconied area in order to have your break taking the sun!

In the winter we organize  under reservation,  dinners with skidoo or torch lite descents!

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